Over One Million SF Under Construction

Infrastructure for 1.1 million square feet of construction is underway on the east side of Port Covington. The current work focuses on demolition, mass grading, sediment and erosion control, dry utility relocation, and the installation of a new bulkhead along the shoreline. The improvements to the bulkhead are an important first step in delivering a beautiful pedestrian promenade and waterfront experience.  The mass grading of the site is a critical step in redeveloping and redefining Port Covington. Creating a flat land surface improves the efficiency of the streets and helps attain multimodal transportation throughout the neighborhood. The amount of mass grading that has occurred on the site thus far amounts to approximately 100,000 cubic yards, or the amount it would take to fill M&T Bank Stadium up to the club level! Vertical construction begins in the first quarter of 2020, with the first building expected to top out in the third quarter of 2020.

See the gallery below to stay up-to-date on the progress:

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