Baltimore’s Newest Trash Wheel

Baltimore’s fourth trash wheel will hit the water next spring, located at the mouth of the Gwynns Falls, where it will collect trash and debris from water flowing into the Patapsco River and Chesapeake Bay. Leading up to its debut, the public can help name the device by submitting ideas at 

The Gwynns Falls trash wheel will be the largest trash wheel ever built. It will have a grappling arm to help move large debris and a canopy covered by 72 solar panels. It will use solar and hydro power to turn a water wheel that powers a series of rakes and a conveyor belt that will lift trash from the water and deposit it into a dumpster barge. 

Weller Development Company is proud to be one of the early backers of the new trash wheel, which will help keep Port Covington’s 2.5 miles of waterfront clean and enjoyable for the public. To date, the first three trash wheels have collected more than 1,200 tons of trash and debris flowing downstream towards the Patapsco River. This includes more than 11 million cigarette butts, 1 million foam containers, nearly 650,000 plastic bags and close to 900,000 plastic bottles. For more information on the trash wheels, visit:

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