Baltimore’s Growing Creative and Technology Ecosystem

The city of Baltimore has long been touted as a place full of charm, grounded in history and a spirit of innovation. The charm that makes Baltimore the greatest city in America is something that has evolved over the last several decades, but one thing that remains constant is the fact that Baltimore’s personality is often defined by its dynamic local workforce. At first, Baltimore was a bustling industrial city that kept skilled manufacturers employed and America’s economy booming. Now, the rise of Baltimore’s creative and technology centers have earned it the title as the “coolest city on the east coast.”Baltimore continues to position itself as a place where talented professionals want to work and live – and in turn, a city that businesses and investors want to tap into.

According to recent data, in Baltimore, creative professionals makes up 44.9% share of the workforce, increasing from 38% in 2005. This group includes those who work in education, healthcare, law, arts, technology, science and business fields. This number becomes even more impressive when you factor in that creatives typically hold high-paying jobs, positively contributing to their local economies. But, this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the state of Maryland also ranks high for its contributions to tech and creative fields. Maryland boasts the number-one concentration of STEM professionals, the most computer and data science graduates and the most cyber engineers in the country, thanks to its renowned colleges and universities that train and graduate the nation’s top STEM and creative professionals.

There is no shortage of creative and tech talent in Baltimore and in order to retain that pool, the City will ultimately demand a workforce that provides longevity and stable employment. Port Covington is building one of the world’s largest technology ecosystems, designed to help companies attract and retain top personnel. This walkable, urban, mixed-use, waterfront neighborhood will attract the nation’s finest talent, many of whom are already in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Leasing in Port Covington is currently underway. To learn more, visit

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