Community Stakeholder Meeting

On October 13, the Port Covington Development Team held the first semi-annual public community stakeholder meeting, in partnership with the Mt. Winans community, to engage with the surrounding neighborhoods. During this virtual meeting, we discussed progress on development and construction, provided updates on our MOU/CBA commitments, promoted upcoming events in Port Covington, and listened to feedback and questions from the community.

In September of 2016, the Port Covington Development Team entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Baltimore (the City MOU), which included commitments to provide more than $100 million in benefits to the citizens of Baltimore. It is the largest city-wide benefits package negotiated in Baltimore’s history. Convening semi-annual community forums to provide information to and get feedback from the public is one of the many commitments that the Port Covington Development Team is upholding within the City MOU. Each of these meetings will be held in partnership with a different neighborhood within the South Baltimore Six (SB6) Coalition, an organization that represents the South Baltimore communities of Brooklyn, Cherry Hill, Curtis Bay, Lakeland, Mt. Winans and Westport.

The updates provided at this virtual community forum included photos of the incredible construction progress that has been made on the Port Covington construction site. Swipe through the photos above for a firsthand look, as the buildings of Chapter 1B begin to take shape.

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