Baltimore Bike Share Offers Veterans Job Opportunities

In 2016, Corps Logistics CEO, Jim Duffney, came to Sagamore Development company looking for a place to grow his business. Earlier that year, Corps Logistics had been awarded a contract with Baltimore City to manufacture electric bikes for the Baltimore Bike Share program. Although the city had a location in mind for the operation, Jim needed to move quickly, so Sagamore Development stepped in to help. In August 2016, Corps Logistics moved their operation to a Sagamore Development-owned property in Westport, with the agreement that they could occupy the building at no charge until another location became available. After a successful six months, Sagamore Development agreed to continue donating the space to Corps Logistics for as long as they need.

With the new space, Jim Duffney was simultaneously able to grow the Baltimore Bike share operation and fulfill his personal mission of serving veterans with barriers to employment. To do so, Corps Logistics has partnered with Baltimore Station, a residential treatment program supporting veterans transitioning through the cycle of poverty, addiction, and homelessness to self-sufficiency. Jim is able to hire his all-veteran staff directly through Baltimore Station, filling positions such as rebalancing technicians, bike mechanics, station mechanics, and call center employees; and the team is continuing to grow.

The original launch of the BikeShare program in 2016 called for 250 bikes. The company is in the process of fulfilling another 250 bikes and 30 additional stations across Baltimore City, to launch in May. The company also has been awarded a contract in Howard County for another 70 bikes and seven stations. Corps Logistics is also working on launching similar services this summer outside of Maryland, including a 90-bike, nine-station account in Park City, Utah, and a 220-bike, 20-station launch in Richmond, Va. To support the expansion, Corps Logistics focuses on continuing to hire local veterans. Within the next year, the company expects to have 100 veterans on staff. Sagamore Development is proud to support Corps Logistics with a facility in Westport as they hire local veterans to build electric bikes that will be used all over the country; all built in Baltimore City.

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